Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Australia, China and the US

For those students in 7007IBA a recent article by Paul Dibb about the Australia, China and US relationship covers some of the themes we discussed in our Seminar on Security and Defence.

Dibb's piece is called China: Not about to attack Australia
In it he offers a critique of White, Babbage and Sheridan's views about the strategic triangle between Australia, China and the US.
It is quite premature to advise that Australia should encourage the US to accommodate to the realities of Chinese power, as my colleague Hugh White insists. It is downright dangerous to suggest that Australia must develop the military capability to tear an arm off China, and even provoke revolt inside China, as Ross Babbage argues. It is also incorrect, as Greg Sheridan would have us believe, that historically no country has ever developed a navy the size of China’s without going to war.

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