Tuesday, August 23, 2011

China, Mining and Manufacturing

Interesting allegations about Chinese contract stipulations about sourcing from China in a Wayne Swan interview with Fran Kelly on ABC Breakfast

KELLY: In terms of productivity, what about making the most of the manufacturing we do do? You did suggest yesterday the Government would announce more this week to follow up on union calls for a more effective local content policy. What are you talking about? Are you talking about direct incentives or tax incentives to encourage resource companies to buy Australian?
TREASURER: No, what we're talking about is that Australian firms should have the chance to pitch for business on a commercial basis. Now what I've heard from several businesses and from several sources is that some Australian businesses are not even getting the opportunity to pitch for the business on a commercial basis. I'm a bit disturbed by that so I'm going to examine those claims closely with the industry because I do think it is important that Australian business gets the opportunity to maximise the business that flows from these investments.
KELLY: Some of those claims - let me go to one of those claims because I've heard it too around places that some of the big miners signing contracts with China for instance over gas and other resources, within that contract it's mandated they buy Chinese equipment, not Australian.
TREASURER: Well, I'm a bit disturbed by that.
KELLY: Is there something you governments can do about that?
TREASURER: Well, I certainly intend to follow up that claim and ascertain whether it is true or not, and I would be very disturbed if that was the way it was going in some of the big projects. There are many people who are getting work out of these big projects. They are absolutely massive and there are lots of Australian businesses that are getting work and I'm aware of many of them. I've seen them in operation but if we are getting those sorts of practices creeping in that's not good and it's not good for the country. So I intend to look at those quite closely.
KELLY: And the report that suggests only 10 per cent of steel being used - massive amounts of steel - in projects like Gorgon and Olympic Dam, only 10 per cent of it is local. Are you critical of Australian resource companies for not buying locally made steel?
TREASURER: Well, certainly some of the steel will be imported and I don't think anyone would be surprised about that but if Australian manufacturers who are offering good product aren't getting the chance to get their head through the door then that's worth looking at very, very closely. 
While I'm against forcing companies to buy Australian., I'm also against companies being forced not to. If you're going to have a freer market-based economy, governments must be extremely vigilant against anti-competitive behaviour.

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