Monday, February 8, 2016

Tom's Data Dump

The sources of Australian emissions

Australia's tax expenditures.

According to Treasury:
A tax expenditure arises where the actual tax treatment of an activity or class of taxpayer differs from the benchmark tax treatment. 
  • Tax expenditures typically involve tax exemptions, deductions or offsets, concessional tax rates and deferrals of tax liability. 
  • A positive tax expenditure reduces tax payable relative to the benchmark. A negative tax expenditure increases tax payable relative to the benchmark.

Note the potential revenue gain for cutting inequitable super tax concessions is $28.2 billion, which is quite a sum of money. Cutting GST exemptions would yield $17.3 billion, which would then lead to higher relative costs for lower income households. 

The consumer price index remains subdued.

Jobs in solar have outpointed jobs in coal mining. Interesting to note that the boom only moderately increased employment

Commodity prices continue to fall.

Australia has more international students than Britain and Canada and significantly more than them and the United States as a percentage of total student population. Education 'exports' are Australia's fourth biggest export, but the sector employs a lot more Australians than the resources industry.

For a full list of Australian jobs see

The Australian wine industry.

The Turnbull government talks about innovation (and then sacks 100s from the CSIRO!). This graphic shows that Australia has a way to go in collaboration between business and research institutions.

A better story can be told about immigration. Australia ranks third in the world for immigrants and native born offspring of immigrants as a percentage of population. While some may not celebrate this fact, it provides a remarkable indicator of just how successful Australia's post-war migration has been. Think of the issues that homogeneous countries like Japan will face in coming years as their populations continue to decline and the need for immigration becomes clearer. It has not always been smooth sailing, but Australia has done as well as anyone in integrating massive numbers of migrants over the years

While car sales have gone up and the number of cars registered is 18 million, soon there will be no new Australian-made cars. 

Finally, interesting stats on selected causes of death in Australia.

The above figures are select figures over a 10 year period. The ABS data on causes of death shows that most people die from illnesses and old age.

Shark attacks

Total shark attacks since 1791 = 234 = roughly one a year since white settlement

For a full list of fatal shark attacks in Australia and

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