Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Australian Job Categories: Biggest, Smallest, and Best and Worst Performers

Putting together my latest data dump I came across some excellent data from the Department of Employment called Australian Jobs 2015 – Occupation Matrix. The data is more specific than the usual breakdown by industry available from the ABS.

The file includes the number of Australians in all employment categories. It would make suitable reading for all young people (or indeed all people contemplating a job change) as it contains information on the growth or decline of occupations over the past five years. While past performance does not necessarily imply future prospects, there are some jobs that it might be worth avoiding, especially if training time is substantial. 

The largest category of employment is Sales Assistants at 507,900, followed by General Clerks, Nurses and Retail Managers. The smallest categories are Machine Operators, Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone; Upholsterers; Printers and Photographic Developers; Photographic Developers and Printers; and Forestry and Logging Workers

Interestingly there are 141,000 electricians, 20,000 more than waiters. There are 51,000 lecturers and virtually the same number of shelf fillers. 

The top 25 (see below for a full list) 

Rank Occupation Employm't Nov 2014
1 Sales Assistants, General (SW) 507.9
2 Clerks, General (CA) 252.1
3 Nurses, Registered (P) 231.5
4 Managers, Retail (M) 220.5
5 Accountants (P) 193.0
6 Drivers, Truck (MO) 189.3
7 Receptionists (CA) 162.2
8 Cleaners, Commercial (L) 147.2
9 Teachers, Primary School (P) 143.8
10 Electricians (TT) 141.7
11 Carers, Aged and Disabled (CP) 141.0
12 Managers, Advertising and Sales (M) 140.9
13 Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers (SW) 139.2
14 Carers, Child (CP) 130.2
15 Carpenters and Joiners (TT) 128.0
16 Kitchenhands (L) 128.0
17 Contract, Programme and Project Administrators (CA) 125.0
18 Managers, Office (CA) 124.9
19 Metal Fitters and Machinists (TT) 123.8
20 Clerks, Accounting (CA) 121.7
21 Waiters (CP) 121.3
22 Storepersons (MO) 120.3
23 Teachers, Secondary School (P) 118.1
24 Bookkeepers (CA) 111.3
25 Motor Mechanics (TT) 101.7

What is perhaps more interesting are the jobs that are increasing and those that are in decline. Over the past five years, the biggest improvers by number of jobs are General Clerks; Carers, Aged and Disabled; and Sales Assistants. Biggest improvers by percentage are Safety Inspectors, increasing by 171.2 per cent; Optometrists and Orthoptists (169.5 per cent); and Early Childhood Teachers (160.6). 

The worst performers by number were Secretaries; Shelf Fillers and Keyboard Operators and by percentage were Machine Operators, Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone; Upholsterers; and Photographic Developers and Printers. 

The Top 25 Improvers by Number

Occupation Employ’t Nov 2014
5 year change to Nov 2014
'000                        %
1 Clerks, General (CA) 252.1 91.4 56.9
2 Carers, Aged and Disabled (CP) 141.0 32.7 30.2
3 Sales Assistants, General (SW) 507.9 29.3 6.1
4 Contract, Programme and Project Administrators (CA) 125.0 29.1 30.3
5 Carers, Child (CP) 130.2 25.6 24.4
6 Gardeners (TT) 79.3 25.0 46.2
7 Chefs (TT) 89.6 24.6 37.9
8 Drivers, Truck (MO) 189.3 23.6 14.3
9 Accountants (P) 193.0 23.0 13.5
10 Nurses, Registered (P) 231.5 22.7 10.9
11 Managers, ICT (M) 60.2 22.6 60.0
12 Teachers, Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) (P) 36.2 22.3 160.6
13 Motor Mechanics (TT) 101.7 19.1 23.1
14 Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials (CP) 45.1 18.9 71.7
15 Electricians (TT) 141.7 18.0 14.5
16 Storepersons (MO) 120.3 17.8 17.4
17 Real Estate Sales Agents (SW) 87.1 17.8 25.7
18 Managers, Cafe and Restaurant (M) 63.4 16.3 34.7
19 Social Workers (P) 34.0 16.1 89.4
20 Retail Supervisors (SW) 46.3 15.8 51.8
21 Managers, Other Hospitality, Retail and Service (M) 69.1 15.7 29.4
22 Plumbers (TT) 86.0 15.1 21.3
23 Carpenters and Joiners (TT) 128.0 15.1 13.3
24 Metal Fitters and Machinists (TT) 123.8 13.8 12.5
25 Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers (SW) 139.2 13.2 10.5

The Top 25 Improvers by Percentage 

Rank Occupation Employ’t Nov 2014 5 year change to Nov 2014
‘000 ‘000 %
109 Safety Inspectors (TT) 5.8 3.7 171.2
112 Optometrists and Orthoptists (P) 5.6 3.5 169.5
12 Teachers, Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) (P) 36.2 22.3 160.6
84 Dental Hygienists, Technicians and Therapists (CP) 8.7 5.1 145.4
107 Nurse Educators and Researchers (P) 7.3 3.8 107.5
46 Managers, Other Education (M) 16.6 8.3 100.8
59 Geologists and Geophysicists (P) 14.3 6.9 94.0
19 Social Workers (P) 34.0 16.1 89.4
91 Gallery, Library and Museum Technicians (TT) 9.8 4.5 84.3
78 Occupational Therapists (P) 12.8 5.4 73.9
113 Internal Medicine Specialists (P) 8.1 3.4 72.0
131 Farm Workers, Mixed Crop and Livestock (L) 7.1 3.0 71.8
14 Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials (CP) 45.1 18.9 71.7
87 Engineers, Mining (P) 13.2 5.0 60.5
11 Managers, ICT (M) 60.2 22.6 60.0
85 Sportspersons (CP) 13.8 5.1 58.9
98 Barristers (P) 11.1 4.1 58.8
55 Greenkeepers (TT) 19.6 7.2 58.4
110 Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers (P) 9.8 3.6 58.1
111 Dancers, Actors and Other Entertainers (P) 9.8 3.6 58.1
82 Legal Executives and Conveyancers (CA) 14.3 5.2 57.6
1 Clerks, General (CA) 252.1 91.4 56.9
76 Massage Therapists (CP) 15.5 5.6 56.4
20 Retail Supervisors (SW) 46.3 15.8 51.8
30 Pharmacists (P) 33.7 11.4 51.5

The 25 Worst Performers by Numbers 

Rank Occupation Employ’t Nov 2014
5 year change to Nov 2014
'000                       %
380 Secretaries (CA) 51.0 -35.1 -40.7
379 Shelf Fillers (L) 50.0 -32.1 -39.1
378 Keyboard Operators (CA) 43.0 -28.0 -39.4
377 Managers, Corporate Services (M) 9.1 -22.8 -71.5
376 Teachers, Secondary School (P) 118.1 -20.1 -14.5
375 Sales Representatives (SW) 90.0 -17.0 -15.9
374 Cleaners, Commercial (L) 147.2 -16.4 -10.0
373 Farmers, Mixed Crop and Livestock (M) 27.3 -12.5 -31.4
372 Clerks, Accounting (CA) 121.7 -11.5 -8.6
371 Farmers, Crop (M) 38.1 -11.3 -22.9
370 Plant Operators, Earthmoving (MO) 43.2 -11.2 -20.7
369 Product Assemblers (L) 26.9 -10.9 -28.7
368 Receptionists (CA) 162.2 -10.4 -6.0
367 Packers (L) 53.0 -9.8 -15.6
366 Call or Contact Centre Workers (CA) 27.9 -9.7 -25.8
365 Managing Directors and Chief Executives (M) 45.4 -9.6 -17.4
364 Salespersons, Motor Vehicle and Vehicle Parts (SW) 27.1 -9.5 -25.9
363 Process Workers, Metal Engineering (L) 8.8 -8.5 -48.9
362 Computer Network Professionals (P) 24.3 -7.4 -23.2
361 Managers, Call, Contact Centre and Customer Service (M) 35.6 -7.3 -17.1
360 Nurses, Enrolled and Mothercraft (CP) 17.5 -7.3 -29.5
358 Science Technicians (TT) 11.8 -7.3 -38.2
359 Technicians, Science (TT) 11.8 -7.3 -38.2
357 Engineering Production Systems Workers (MO) 17.1 -7.0 -29.2

The 25 Worst Performers by Percentage

Rank Occupation Employ’t
Nov 2014
5 year change to Nov 2014
'000                         %
344 Machine Operators, Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone (MO) 0.1 -4.5 -97.2
346 Upholsterers (TT) 0.2 -4.6 -95.8
301 Photographic Developers and Printers (MO) 0.7 -2.2 -76.8
302 Printers and Photographic Developers (MO) 0.7 -2.2 -76.8
377 Managers, Corporate Services (M) 9.1 -22.8 -71.5
355 Complementary Health Therapists (P) 2.8 -6.8 -70.6
299 Forestry and Logging Workers (L) 1.4 -2.0 -60.2
326 Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians, Electronic (TT) 2.2 -3.2 -59.6
327 Technicians and Draftspersons, Electronic Engineering (TT) 2.2 -3.2 -59.6
335 Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (P) 3.2 -3.7 -53.9
356 Library Assistants (CA) 6.9 -6.9 -49.8
349 Clerical and Office Support Workers, Other (CA) 5.1 -5.0 -49.3
363 Process Workers, Metal Engineering (L) 8.8 -8.5 -48.9
337 Labourers, Other Construction and Mining (L) 4.3 -4.1 -48.6
287 Machine Operators, Textile and Footwear Production (MO) 1.9 -1.7 -47.6
321 Insurance Investigators and Loss Adjusters (CA) 3.8 -3.1 -45.1
331 Gaming Workers (CP) 4.6 -3.5 -43.1
351 Debt Collectors (CA) 8.4 -5.9 -41.2
380 Secretaries (CA) 51.0 -35.1 -40.7
322 Chiropractors and Osteopaths (P) 4.6 -3.1 -40.5
347 Marine Transport Professionals (P) 7.1 -4.7 -39.9
378 Keyboard Operators (CA) 43.0 -28.0 -39.4
379 Shelf Fillers (L) 50.0 -32.1 -39.1
358 Science Technicians (TT) 11.8 -7.3 -38.2

The Full List in Order

Nov 2014 

1Sales Assistants, General (SW)507.9
2Clerks, General (CA)252.1
3Nurses, Registered (P)231.5
4Managers, Retail (M)220.5
5Accountants (P)193.0
6Drivers, Truck (MO)189.3
7Receptionists (CA)162.2
8Cleaners, Commercial (L)147.2
9Teachers, Primary School (P)143.8
10Electricians (TT)141.7
11Carers, Aged and Disabled (CP)141.0
12Managers, Advertising and Sales (M)140.9
13Checkout Operators and Office Cashiers (SW)139.2
14Carers, Child (CP)130.2
15Carpenters and Joiners (TT)128.0
16Kitchenhands (L)128.0
17Contract, Programme and Project Administrators (CA)125.0
18Managers, Office (CA)124.9
19Metal Fitters and Machinists (TT)123.8
20Clerks, Accounting (CA)121.7
21Waiters (CP)121.3
22Storepersons (MO)120.3
23Teachers, Secondary School (P)118.1
24Bookkeepers (CA)111.3
25Motor Mechanics (TT)101.7
26Sales Representatives (SW)90.0
27Care Workers, Nursing Support and Personal (CP)89.8
28Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers (CP)89.8
29Personal Care and Nursing Support Workers (CP)89.8
30Chefs (TT)89.6
31Farmers, Livestock (M)89.3
32Real Estate Sales Agents (SW)87.1
33Plumbers (TT)86.0
34Software and Applications Programmers (P)85.6
35Clerks, Purchasing and Supply Logistics (CA)85.1
36Bar Attendants and Baristas (CP)82.0
37Managers, Construction (M)80.7
38Clerks, Inquiry (CA)79.9
39Gardeners (TT)79.3
40Education Aides (CP)71.7
41Structural Steel and Welding Trades Workers (TT)71.7
42Welding Trades and Structural Steel Workers (TT)71.7
43Managers, Other Hospitality, Retail and Service (M)69.1
44Managers, Cafe and Restaurant (M)63.4
45Hairdressers (TT)63.4
46Personal Assistants (CA)63.3
47Drivers, Forklift (MO)61.6
48Managers, ICT (M)60.2
49Advertising and Marketing Professionals (P)58.6
50Solicitors (P)56.9
51Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians (TT)56.3
52Technicians, Architectural, Building and Surveying (TT)56.3
53Human Resource Professionals (P)56.1
54Security Officers and Guards (CP)55.9
55Labourers, Building and Plumbing (L)54.7
56ICT Support Technicians (TT)54.5
57Technicians, ICT Support (TT)54.5
58Management and Organisation Analysts (P)53.7
59Police (CP)53.5
60Packers (L)53.0
61Drillers, Miners and Shot Firers (MO)52.7
62Miners, Drillers and Shot Firers (MO)52.7
63Bank Workers (CA)52.5
64Managers, Production (M)52.5
65Managers, General (M)52.4
66Managers, Finance (M)51.8
67Painting Trades Workers (TT)51.3
68Secretaries (CA)51.0
69University Lecturers and Tutors (P)50.9
70Shelf Fillers (L)50.0
71Medical Practitioner, General (P)49.9
72Welfare Support Workers (CP)49.6
73Graphic and Web Designers, and Illustrators (P)49.4
74Financial Investment Advisers and Managers (P)49.1
75Couriers and Postal Deliverers (CA)47.9
76Postal Deliverers and Couriers (CA)47.9
77Retail Supervisors (SW)46.3
78Managers, Other Specialist (M)46.1
79Drivers, Automobile (MO)45.9
80Drivers, Delivery (MO)45.7
81Managing Directors and Chief Executives (M)45.4
82Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials (CP)45.1
83Managers, Supply and Distribution (M)45.0
84Managers, Human Resource (M)44.9
85Plant Operators, Earthmoving (MO)43.2
86ICT Security, Database and Systems Administrators (P)43.1
87Keyboard Operators (CA)43.0
88Engineers, Civil (P)41.7
89Farm Workers, Livestock (L)39.7
90Sales Assistants, Pharmacy (SW)39.2
91Farmers, Crop (M)38.1
92Handypersons (L)36.4
93Drivers, Bus and Coach (MO)36.3
94Teachers, Early Childhood (Pre-primary School) (P)36.2
95Cooks (TT)35.8
96Managers, Call, Contact Centre and Customer Service (M)35.6
97Fast Food Cooks (L)35.4
98Clerks, Transport and Despatch (CA)34.4
99Social Workers (P)34.0
100Pharmacists (P)33.7
101Concreters (L)33.6
102Clerks, Payroll (CA)33.6
103Tutors and Teachers, Private (P)32.1
104Labourers, Garden and Nursery (L)32.0
105Electronics Trades Workers (TT)31.0
106Bakers and Pastrycooks (TT)30.9
107Structural Steel Construction Workers (L)30.8
108Inspectors and Regulatory Officers (CA)30.7
109Factory Workers, Food and Drink (L)30.7
110Engineers, Industrial, Mechanical and Production (P)30.6
111Teachers, Vocational Education (P)30.1
112Environmental and Occupational Health Professionals (P)30.0
113Plasterers (TT)29.6
114Cleaners, Domestic (L)29.5
115School Principals (M)29.3
116Clerks, Insurance, Money Market and Statistical (CA)29.3
117Architects and Landscape Architects (P)29.3
118Bricklayers and Stonemasons (TT)28.8
119Credit and Loans Officers (CA)28.8
120Cabinetmakers (TT)28.6
121Housekeepers (L)28.0
122Telecommunications Trades Workers (TT)28.0
123Call or Contact Centre Workers (CA)27.9
124Fitness Instructors (CP)27.6
125Farmers, Mixed Crop and Livestock (M)27.3
126Sales Representatives, Technical (P)27.3
127Salespersons, Motor Vehicle and Vehicle Parts (SW)27.1
128Product Assemblers (L)26.9
129Training and Development Professionals (P)26.8
130Financial Brokers (P)26.4
131Conference and Event Organisers (M)26.3
132Event and Conference Organisers (M)26.3
133ICT Business and Systems Analysts (P)25.9
134Scientists, Environmental (P)25.5
135Psychologists (P)25.0
136Engineering and Building Technicians, Other (TT)25.0
137Technicians, Other Building and Engineering (TT)25.0
138Welfare, Recreation and Community Arts Workers (P)24.7
139Financial Dealers (P)24.6
140Beauty Therapists (CP)24.5
141Journalists and Other Writers (P)24.4
142Computer Network Professionals (P)24.3
143Cafe Workers (CP)24.1
144Tourism and Travel Advisers (CP)23.9
145Physiotherapists (P)23.7
146Managers, Policy and Planning (M)23.6
147Scientists, Medical Laboratory (P)23.4
148Teachers, Special Education (P)23.0
149Managers, Transport Services (M)22.3
150Information and Organisation Professionals, Other (P)22.2
151Dental Assistants (CP)22.0
152Managers, Engineering (M)22.0
153Medical Technicians (TT)21.9
154Technicians, Medical (TT)21.9
155Managers, Health and Welfare Services (M)21.8
156Tilers, Wall and Floor (TT)21.6
157Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics (TT)21.3
158Farm Workers, Crop (L)20.1
159Importers, Exporters and Wholesalers (M)20.0
160Engineers, Electrical (P)19.9
161Greenkeepers (TT)19.6
162Intelligence and Policy Analysts (P)19.4
163Policy and Intelligence Analysts (P)19.4
164Counsellors (P)19.2
165Auditors and Company Secretaries (P)18.8
166Hotel and Motel Managers (M)18.7
167Managers, Hotel and Motel (M)18.7
168Butchers and Smallgoods Makers (TT)18.6
169Fire and Emergency Workers (CP)18.5
170Plant Operators, Other Stationary (MO)18.4
171Managers, Practice (CA)18.3
172Product Quality Controllers (L)18.2
173Ministers of Religion (P)17.8
174Public Relations Professionals (P)17.8
175Nurses, Enrolled and Mothercraft (CP)17.5
176Sales Assistants, ICT (SW)17.1
177Engineering Production Systems Workers (MO)17.1
178Manufacturers (M)16.9
179Clerks, Filing and Registry (CA)16.8
180Medical Imaging Professionals (P)16.7
181Panelbeaters (TT)16.6
182Managers, Other Education (M)16.6
183Process Workers, Meat, Poultry and Seafood (L)16.4
184Freight and Furniture Handlers (L)16.2
185ICT Sales Professionals (P)16.0
186Sales Professionals, ICT (P)16.0
187Prison Officers (CP)15.9
188Midwives (P)15.8
189Insulation and Home Improvement Installers (L)15.6
190Massage Therapists (CP)15.5
191Crane, Hoist and Lift Operators (MO)15.4
192Plant Operators, Other Mobile (MO)15.3
193Personal Service Workers, Other (CP)15.1
194Printers (TT)14.8
195Laundry Workers (L)14.6
196Legal Executives and Conveyancers (CA)14.3
197Geologists and Geophysicists (P)14.3
198Mail Sorters (CA)14.2
199Music Professionals (P)14.0
200Sportspersons (CP)13.8
201Salespersons, Ticket (SW)13.7
202Nurse Managers (P)13.6
203Cleaners, Other (L)13.2
204Engineers, Mining (P)13.2
205Meat Boners and Slicers, and Slaughterers (L)13.1
206Insurance Agents (SW)13.1
207Agricultural, Forestry and Horticultural Operators (MO)13.0
208Photographers (P)13.0
209Scientists, Life (P)12.9
210Occupational Therapists (P)12.8
211Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (TT)12.7
212Managers, Amusement, Fitness and Sports Centre (M)12.7
213Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitters (L)12.7
214Social Professionals (P)12.7
215Clerks, Court and Legal (CA)12.5
216Economists, Land and Valuers (P)12.4
217Valuers and Land Economists (P)12.4
218Air Transport Professionals (P)12.4
219Surveyors and Cartographers (P)12.3
220Directors, Artistic, and Media Producers and Presenters (P)12.2
221Media Producers and Presenters, and Artistic Directors (P)12.2
222Librarians (P)12.0
223Animal Attendants and Trainers (TT)12.0
224Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians, Civil (TT)11.9
225Technicians and Draftspersons, Civil Engineering (TT)11.9
226Science Technicians (TT)11.8
227Technicians, Science (TT)11.8
228Models and Sales Demonstrators (SW)11.5
229Education Advisers and Reviewers (P)11.4
230Managers, Research and Development (M)11.4
231Ambulance Officers and Paramedics (CP)11.3
232Performing Arts Technicians (TT)11.3
233Farm, Forestry and Garden Workers, Other (L)11.1
234Barristers (P)11.1
235Car Detailers (L)11.1
236Authors, and Book and Script Editors (P)11.0
237Visual Merchandisers (SW)10.9
238Electrical Distribution Trades Workers (TT)10.8
239Interior Designers (P)10.8
240Engineers, ICT Support and Test (P)10.5
241ICT Support and Test Engineers (P)10.5
242Engineers, Telecommunications (P)10.4
243Dental Practitioners (P)10.4
244Travel Attendants (CP)10.3
245Factory Process Workers, Other (L)10.3
246Veterinarians (P)10.0
247Medical Practitioner, Other (P)9.8
248Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers (P)9.8
249Dancers, Actors and Other Entertainers (P)9.8
250Gallery, Library and Museum Technicians (TT)9.8
251Automotive Electricians (TT)9.8
252Planners, Urban and Regional (P)9.8
253Chemists, and Food and Wine Scientists (P)9.7
254Scientists, Food and Wine, and Chemists (P)9.7
255Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals (P)9.6
256Machine Operators, Plastics and Rubber Production (MO)9.5
257Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians, Electrical (TT)9.5
258Technicians and Draftspersons, Electrical Engineering (TT)9.5
259Fashion, Industrial and Jewellery Designers (P)9.5
260Plant Operators, Chemical, Gas, Petroleum and Power (TT)9.2
261Managers, Corporate Services (M)9.1
262Floor Finishers (TT)8.9
263Process Workers, Metal Engineering (L)8.8
264Sheetmetal Trades Workers (TT)8.8
265Dental Hygienists, Technicians and Therapists (CP)8.7
266Science Professionals, Other Natural and Physical (P)8.7
267Veterinary Nurses (TT)8.6
268Fencers (L)8.5
269Telemarketers (SW)8.5
270Deck and Fishing Hands (L)8.5
271Debt Collectors (CA)8.4
272Managers, Child Care Centre (M)8.3
273Sewing Machinists (MO)8.3
274Managers, Other Accommodation and Hospitality (M)8.2
275Vehicle Painters (TT)8.1
276Internal Medicine Specialists (P)8.1
277Archivists, Curators and Records Managers (P)8.1
278Directors, Film, Television, Radio and Stage (P)7.9
279Machine Operators, Other (MO)7.9
280Clerks, Human Resource (CA)7.8
281Engineers, Electronics (P)7.7
282Hotel Service Managers (CP)7.7
283Managers, Hotel Service (CP)7.7
284Signwriters (TT)7.6
285Drivers, Train and Tram (MO)7.6
286Guides, Gallery, Museum and Tour (CP)7.6
287Glaziers (TT)7.6
288Salespersons, Street Vendors and Related (SW)7.4
289Clothing Trades Workers (TT)7.4
290Engineers, Other (P)7.4
291Wood Machinists and Other Wood Trades Workers (TT)7.4
292Nurse Educators and Researchers (P)7.3
293Marine Transport Professionals (P)7.1
294Farm Workers, Mixed Crop and Livestock (L)7.1
295Managers, Licensed Club (M)7.0
296Library Assistants (CA)6.9
297Psychiatrists (P)6.6
298Vending Machine Attendants (L)6.5
299Food Trades Assistants (L)6.5
300Multimedia Specialists and Web Developers (P)6.5
301Web Developers and Multimedia Specialists (P)6.5
302Dietitians (P)6.4
303Speech Pathologists and Audiologists (P)6.4
304Sales Assistants and Salespersons, Other (SW)6.4
305Surgeons (P)6.3
306Service Station Attendants (SW)6.2
307Diversional Therapists (CP)6.1
308Metal Trades Workers, Precision (TT)6.0
309Factory Workers, Plastics and Rubber (L)6.0
310Caretakers (L)6.0
311Engineers, Chemical and Materials (P)5.9
312Economists (P)5.9
313Safety Inspectors (TT)5.8
314Scientists, Agricultural and Forestry (P)5.7
315Process Workers, Timber and Wood (L)5.7
316Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians, Mechanical (TT)5.7
317Technicians and Draftspersons, Mechanical Engineering (TT)5.7
318Florists (TT)5.6
319Optometrists and Orthoptists (P)5.6
320Health Diagnostic and Promotion Professionals, Other (P)5.4
321Tilers, Roof (TT)5.3
322Actuaries, Mathematicians and Statisticians (P)5.1
323Mathematicians, Statisticians and Actuaries (P)5.1
324Clerical and Office Support Workers, Other (CA)5.1
325Jewellers (TT)5.1
326Vehicle Body Builders and Trimmers (TT)5.1
327Telecommunications Technical Specialists (TT)5.0
328Driving Instructors (CP)5.0
329Labourers, Paving and Surfacing (L)5.0
330Shearers (TT)4.9
331Toolmakers and Engineering Patternmakers (TT)4.8
332Gaming Workers (CP)4.6
333Chiropractors and Osteopaths (P)4.6
334Switchboard Operators (CA)4.4
335Printing Assistants and Table Workers (L)4.4
336Retail and Wool Buyers (SW)4.4
337Funeral Workers (CP)4.3
338Machine Operators, Paper and Wood Processing (MO)4.3
339Labourers, Other Construction and Mining (L)4.3
340Industrial Spraypainters (MO)4.3
341Boat Builders and Shipwrights (TT)4.2
342Graphic Pre-Press Trades Workers (TT)4.2
343Podiatrists (P)3.9
344Clerks, Betting (CA)3.9
345Insurance Investigators and Loss Adjusters (CA)3.8
346Binders, Finishers and Screen Printers (TT)3.7
347Screen Printers, Binders and Finishers (TT)3.7
348Metal Casting, Forging and Finishing Trades Workers (TT)3.5
349Anaesthetists (P)3.5
350Auctioneers, and Stock and Station Agents (SW)3.5
351Railway Track Workers (L)3.4
352Nurserypersons (TT)3.3
353Managers, Caravan Park and Camping Ground (M)3.3
354Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (P)3.2
355Guides, Outdoor Adventure (CP)3.1
356Care Workers, Special (CP)3.1
357Canvas and Leather Goods Makers (TT)3.1
358Leather and Canvas Goods Makers (TT)3.1
359ICT Trainers (P)3.0
360Trainers, ICT (P)3.0
361Complementary Health Therapists (P)2.8
362Personal Care Consultants (CP)2.8
363Primary Products Inspectors (TT)2.7
364Agricultural Technicians (TT)2.6
365Technicians, Agricultural (TT)2.6
366Farmers, Aquaculture (M)2.5
367Recycling and Rubbish Collectors (L)2.2
368Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians, Electronic (TT)2.2
369Technicians and Draftspersons, Electronic Engineering (TT)2.2
370Commissioned Officers, Management (M)2.0
371Machine Operators, Textile and Footwear Production (MO)1.9
372Teachers, Middle School (P)1.9
373Indigenous Health Workers (CP)1.8
374Survey Interviewers (CA)1.7
375Aquaculture Workers (L)1.7
376Forestry and Logging Workers (L)1.4
377Photographic Developers and Printers (MO)0.7
378Printers and Photographic Developers (MO)0.7
379Upholsterers (TT)0.2
380Machine Operators, Clay, Concrete, Glass and Stone 0.1

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