Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Essay Writing via Calvin and Hobbes





Ignorance is Bliss?


Staying Focused

Kidding Yourself 

Good writing

Taking Responsibility

Last Minute Panic


  1. Hi there, please allow me to introduce my anonymous self, a real self who's actually studying under you through Open Uni at the moment! After tonight listening to all your lectures up to Week 5 I can really say I wouldn't be surprised to find myself apply to do a Masters under you if possible after completing my Arts Degree - started offline @ Monash some years again, my only having rejoined the scholarly fray this Semester. I've dreamt of Oxford & Cambridge but come to think about it more seriously it seems to my mind like you perhaps are specialising really at the crucial inter-section of all which matters in this Universe, and insofar as that seems the case I would much rather scholarly activity with someone of your intellectual calibre; I should add how delighted I am that you chose to offer your skills to the online world of Australia's education sector (I work during the day, currently)... So what exactly would this self like to do a Masters or further study in? Why, of course, I wouldn't be finished Arts till at least the middle of next year but I can guess, can't I? You spoke about ... thinking about the different dimensions of globalization as an assortment of ideas- i.e., not a necessarily separate set of technically stratified classification-based orderings...and that immediately drew me to think you are of an unusually sophisticated frame of mind (if I may so, in a genuinely humble fashion) regards that idea ... and your idea about going "right back to the movement of the first humans out of Africa, as the beginning of a process of globalization in terms of a anthropocentric view"... I found absolutely fascinating...Anyway, enough waffling from me...Your funny cartoons (and, incidentally, your aforementioned quotes together all remind me of the famous US, self-styled "pragmatist philosopher" Richard Rorty - and - I look forward to exploring this fascinating subject with you this Semester

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