Thursday, September 27, 2012

Economic Blogs

I got this post on EconoTrolls via MacroBusiness, but it was posted by Noahpinion. Both are great blogs.

EconoTrolls: An Illustrated Bestiary

In your journey through the Econ Blogosphere, you will be beset by a great many curious and interesting species of EconoTroll. At first you may be intimidated by their voluminous use of insider jargon, their rough-and-tumble personal attacks, their strenuous insistence that you read the complete works of their movements’ founders before participating in any discussion, and above all their sheer persistence and apparent surplus of spare time. But fear not, noble traveler, for I have taken it upon myself to create this Illustrated Bestiary, in order to prepare you for (most of) the characters you will encounter on your way…


Click on the link above  to get the full post.

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