Wednesday, March 2, 2016

International Student Enrolments

International education is a major export for Australia and has been growing rapidly in recent years after a fall off after the global financial crisis, partly because eligibility rules were tightened up, partly because of the crisis and partly because of the rising Australian dollar. 

The Minister for Tourism and International Education, Minister Assisting the Minister for Trade and Investment, Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck remarked: 


The data is extensive and some care needs to be taken in not equating enrolments with numbers of students. 

I have adapted this chart to show more clearly the progress of various sectors. 

In my sector - higher education, enrolments have been growing rapidly with China and India the standouts.

The assumption is that numbers will continue to grow, especially from China and India, as the middle classes expand due to continuing economic growth and development. The impact of the economic slowdown and re-balancing of the Chinese economy may put this scenario in the optimistic category. However, there is no doubt about the continuing potential of this industry. 

Policy will need to facilitate the expansion of the sector, ensuring quality and helping to restrict scams. Over the long-term, quality will be fundamental to maintaining growth. 

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