Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Readings on Globalisation, Asia and Australia (1003GIR, 2016GIR, 3012GIR, 6005GIR, 7007GIR)

Bad news for coal

Good news for coal

The top 0.1% in the US

American companies back on top|hig|9-19-2013|6644475|36817576

Re-emphasising the national interest

The decline of America's middle class and rising inequality

The great coffee swindle

Courting ASEAN

Electricity prices around the world

Factcheck on Greens claims about foreign investment in land

Attitudes to foreign investment

The eradication of poverty

Australian trade choices

The need for a greater diplomatic presence in Asia

Surge in mobile broadband in developing world 

Graphic on Japan's growing public debt

The short-lived US pivot to Asia?

China's new charm offensive

Japan most powerful East Asian military?

World GDP forecasts Cool graphic

Japan's clumsy perception management 

Interactive guide to China's maritime disputes!/

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