Monday, August 19, 2013

New Readings for Globalisation, Australia and Asia (for 2016GIR, 1003GIR and 6005GIR)

The importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for Japan and the rest of Asia and for US influence in Asia

New ways to measure GDP add billions to the size of the US economy

US Primacy?

Japan's quadrillion yen debt

An oldy but goody from Mearsheimer

China's environment - some hope?

How Japan could have defeated the United States in WWII

Energy gamechanger

A picture paints ... 


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  1. Tolga Toleubay's photo portrays an excellent picture of current events in the Asia Pacific region Tom. When coupled with the potential positives or negatives inherent in agreements such as the TPPA, and Japan's looming debt gamble, the photo aptly demonstrates the problems facing us all in the region and beyond. Thanks for the post.
    Eric Masters


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