Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Net Interstate Migration

A graph from a recent speech by Philip Lowe Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank entitled "The Labour Market, Structural Change and Recent Economic Developments" provided an interesting graph of interstate migration over the past years.

As Lowe points out:
the rate of net interstate migration to Western Australia over the past year is the highest for around 25 years. It is also worth noting that interstate migration has played an important role in the Tasmanian economy, with the situation switching from sizable net inflows to net outflows and back again over the course of just a few years. For a period in the 2000s, internal migration was adding around ½ per cent to Tasmania's population annually. Today, it is subtracting almost this amount.

The rate of net migration to Queensland has slowed considerably over the past few years, while NSW is the only state to suffer from net losses over the entire 20 or so year period.

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